Paid Media

Paid media is “Advertising.” Its media you pay for because you don’t own it and haven’t “earned” it. Common types of Paid Media include search ads, video, branded content, and display ads. Paid media is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy, allowing for a broad range of powerful targeting and retargeting techniques, massive amounts of exposure (volume) and fundamentally novel creative opportunities. Paid Media is crucial to revenue growth and brand awareness.

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Why is paid media important?

Paid Media is important because it give you tons of power and allows you incredible control. You can target users in ways that are not available anywhere else, such as organic SEO. You also have the ability to gain a massive amount of exposure in a short period of time. Another key element of Paid Media is the flexibility with Creative. With organic SEO, you write your title tags and meta descriptions and hope they show up in search results that way and they are going to work well. With Paid Media, you get to write as many Headlines (title tags) and descriptions (metas) as you want, test what what works and optimize accordingly. A seldom used, but powerful strategy is to use Paid Media as a testing ground for your organic titles and metas. And you can always count on getting exposure. Plus, if you have well-defined KPIs, Paid Media lets you develop highly effective conversion funnels. And like it or not, even if you rank well organically, your competitors can still buy the media above your organic position, taking away your share of voice (SOV). Ever notice that every big brand that ranks #1 organically also has the ad right above it? For the brand, that ad spot is super cheap, so you really should buy it. 

How can I control my Paid Media?

Paid Media has three main levers—the platform (targeting is part of this), the ad unit and your creative. Thinking of Paid Media in these three silos can help you determine where and how to optimize your Paid Media. There are literally thousands of things you can change and adjust with Paid Media, so looking at it in its most basic and simple parts is very important.