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Get Found, Get Business

Get Found, Get Business: The Simple Formula for More Profit

Hey There.. I’m Nic

Whatever your business is, there’s a really good chance I can help increase revenue and profit. Every business is different, but the math is always the same. If you pay me $1 per month, I’ll bring you $2 to $10 in profit.

Here’s the Deal

Let’s Say You Run a Local Restaurant

You Need Foot Traffic. You need to fill your seats. Google Maps needs to be your new best friend. If you’re not popping up when someone searches for “best restaurant near me,” you’re missing out. So, what I would do is improve your visibility in Google Maps–driving more foot traffic.

Let’s Say You’re a Plumber

You Need More Leads. Sure, your website needs to look great, but it needs to actually get seen by people who need a plumber. What I’d do in that case is improve your website’s SEO to drive more traffic to your site and optimize everything about it to generate more form leads and phone call leads.

Let’s Say You Have a Hardware Store

You need to sell your products online. (On top of being found in Maps) In that case, I’d optimize your website for ecommerce and make sure your products show up in every possible search results page they can possibly show up in. I’d get your products in front of people who are literally in ‘buy now’ mode, using Google Ads and Merchant Center.

The Math

For the restaurant owner, each additional customer is worth some amount of profit. Lets say that amount is $1, for simplicity. Now lets say my work brings in 5 new customers in a month that otherwise would have eaten elsewhere. You paid me $1 and got $5 back. That’s $4 profit. And my work paid for itself.

For the plumber, lets use a more realistic example. Lets say you have 3 locations and you pay me $2600 /month to generate leads for all 3. Now lets say that each job you successfully complete earns you $800 in profit. And lets say 25% of your leads result in a successful job. That means that every qualified lead is worth $200 ($800 x .25 = $200). Now lets say, conservatively, I generate one (1) lead per day for you over a month (30 days). That’s $6000 in value ($200 x 30 = $6000). Now subtract what you paid for those leads, $2600, and you made an additional $3400 in profit that month. And again, my work paid for itself. Also, in my experience, plumbers generally have much higher profit margins and closing rates, but I want to demonstrate how, even with ultra-conservative math, the profit is there and you don’t have to do any additional work. All you have to do is hire me.

How I work

I don’t give you homework. You’ve got enough to manage—inventory, staff, and hell, even that coffee machine that decides to break down at the exact wrong time. The last thing you want to worry about is how to get your business to show up on Google when someone types in “[Your Business Type] Near Me.”

That’s where I step in. I’m not some big, faceless corporation. If you work with me, you’ll have my cell phone number and be able to call me whenever you want. That’s what I’d want, so that’s what I offer. I do and manage all the work myself–in house. I don’t farm anything out overseas or work with vendors that I don’t know personally. I don’t use any weird hacks or tricks. I follow a proven process that I’ve developed over the years that works. I don’t ask you to “just trust me.” I ask you to look at the concrete profit in the numbers. You don’t even have to waste your time trying to understand my work (unless of course you want to). I build out robust analytics systems that track everything. I write and code my own applications. If you’re my client, its simple, I do whatever is necessary to deliver profit. I keep it simple. I hate lawyer-like invoices, so I don’t use them. You just pay a monthly service and I deliver profit. If I don’t deliver profit, you’ll probably fire me. And I don’t want that.

I’m friendly, approachable and experienced. I’ve run ad agencies for years, managed major media media companies in New York and even have a fancy-pants MBA from University of Oregon. I won’t ever presume to know your business better than you, but I can assure you that I’ll learn enough about your business to increase your profit. I’ve got a simple promise: Whatever you invest in my services, you’ll get back more.

Why It Works

Real Talk, Real Numbers

I’m not about smoke and mirrors. You’ll see exactly where your money’s going and how it’s working for you. Transparency’s the name of the game.

Tailor-Made for You

No cookie-cutter nonsense here. I take the time to understand your business and craft strategies that are a perfect fit. And I keep up with all the techie stuff so you don’t have to.

An Example:

Busy Beaver: Foot Traffic Through the Roof

Busy Beaver wanted to compete with Home Depot and Lowes. After six months with me, not only had online sales increased 800%, but foot traffic was up over 1000%. Quick Math: I was bringing in roughly an additional 2500 customers per month and each person that came in the door was worth roughly $30. That’s $75,000 per month in extra revenue, just in foot traffic alone.

Let’s Chat

Stop stressing about Google rankings. Just focus on your business. Give me a shout for a free, no-strings-attached chat.

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