Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of optimizing both your content and strategy to maximize conversions and/or to achieve conversions for the most efficient cost.

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How To Set Up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – Step by Step Guide

GA4 is the latest iteration of Google Analytics. GA4 is a whole new ball game. The biggest difference is that the entire ecosystem is event-based. So how do you set everything up? Like most things, there are several ways you can do it, but I’m only going to walk you through the preferred method for most people. For this demo, I’m going to assume that you are working with a website (vs. an App) and are using Google Tag…

How to Copyright your Images—And Keep Picture Pirates at Bay

***The image above is courtesy of — free to use commercially, but I’m still going to give credit. It’s very common for sites to steal your images and use them as their own. How can you help prevent this and what can you do if it’s already happened. Let’s start with an example and a simple test you can run to see if people have already stolen your images. Here’s an image belonging to Brooklyn Blackpipe that they…

Send WordPress Form Submissions to Google Sheets

Create a post and insert the “Form” widget. Once you do that, edit the form to your heart’s desire. Once you’re happy, select the Content section of the widget. This is where you created your form fields. Make sure that each form field has a label. If you don’t want form field labels, hide them with CSS, but make sure that you still have them. Now take each one of these labels and put them into the first row…

What's the first step of Conversion Rate Optimization?

Before you try to optimize anything its super important to understand how your goals can be translated into meaningful conversion metrics (KPIs). There’s no one answer for everyone, but in general its a good idea to develop a series of conversions that either lead to a more important conversion (ex: retargeting) or help you optimize you marketing efforts. 

What's a "sales funnel"?

One of the most basic ways to optimize conversion rates is to design your marketing strategy to deliver specific paid or organic content at specific stages of the conversion process. This is what content marketing is doing when it delivers certain content and sets unique goals at different parts of the “sales funnel.” A lot of smart people make the mistake of just pushing “buy my sh*t” ads with one message to everyone. Don’t do that. Its expensive and doesn’t convert well.

What's an example of Conversion Rate Optimization?

One smart strategy is to dynamically insert keywords and/or locations into your ads. They seem more relevant and personal that way. Another great way to increase conversions is with the dynamic insertion of content on the landing page itself—which can be done organically or with Paid Media.

What's the most important part of CRO?

The key with CRO is to listen to your audience. If your audience likes to talk on the phone, make sure they can always reach you by phone and that someone always answers. If your audience has phone-phobia and your product/service is customer service heavy, like a software company, you may want to test out a live chat feature. Remove all of the million reasons why someone would not convert and you’ll be a CRO star.