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Content Marketing is the strategic use of valuable content to identify audiences, stimulate interest, encourage conversions and support your more broad SEO and Paid Media efforts. It’s the most important part of Digital Marketing.


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How to Copyright your Images—And Keep Picture Pirates at Bay

***The image above is courtesy of — free to use commercially, but I’m still going to give credit. It’s very common for sites to steal your images and use them as their own. How can you help prevent this and what can you do if it’s already happened. Let’s start with an example and a simple test you can run to see if people have already stolen your images. Here’s an image belonging to Brooklyn Blackpipe that they…

What is Marketing? ..And What Does it Mean to Local Businesses?

What is Marketing? Marketing is selling. That’s it. It’s a framework that helps you evaluate and optimize how a business can sell it’s product, service or offering. The 4 P’s That framework has four components, called the “4 P’s,” which anyone who’s taken a beginner marketing class can recite. Price Product Promotion Place Each of these four levers can be moved in order to optimize any marketing effort. This framework was devised long before the internet existed, so they…