Covid-19 Local Business Support

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I'll be your agency.. for free

SEO is crucial. If you’re not showing up in Google or other search engines, its hard for people to find you. Maybe you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure what you’ll get if you pay someone. I can help.

These are tough times and it’s important that we help each other. Which is why I’m offering my services for free to small businesses that want and/or need help. 
Every local business needs a well-managed presence online, especially now. So, for the first 100 businesses that reach out (and I accept), I’ll manage all of your “offsite SEO” for free. Primarily, this means managing your Google My Business (GMB), but I’ll also manage your Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics if you have a website. And if you have/want a Bing, Yelp or Apple Maps listing, I’ll manage those for you too. If you don’t have any of these things, but want them, I’ll set them up for you. …These are some of the basic things that will help you show up in local searches.
Specifically, I’ll do an initial audit of your GMB, GTM and Analytics to evaluate their health and identify any major opportunities. Then we’ll have a chat about your goals and how I can help. If need be, I’ll create any accounts and/or listings you might need. After that, I’ll monitor your accounts for issues and other opportunities. Then once month, we’ll hop on a 15-20 minute call and discuss your accounts. 

Basically, I’ll be your digital agency. 

When it comes to building out your GMB, knowing what content you need to create (images, posts, offers, etc.) and how to configure everything can be confusing and/or overwhelming if you don’t actively manage GMB accounts. I’m happy to configure everything and help you plan what needs to be done. Another huge part of managing your GMB properly is addressing issues, errors and changes as they pop up. For instance, right now, Google is only offering limited services and if you have a problem, understanding what you can do about it and knowing how to contact Google for support if need be is crucial.

Now, before, I said “offsite SEO,” which just means that I’m not going to build you a website or fix your current one under this offer. That’s called “onsite SEO.” If you need help with onsite/technical SEO, such as building an SEO-friendly website or optimizing your current site, I can certainly help, but that’s above and beyond the scope of this particular offer.

I’m doing this because I think its important. I’m offering my time and years of experience at no cost to you. That said, if you feel like paying for services, I’d much appreciate it. And if you need help with anything that requires more time than I can afford, I’m happy to discuss paid services. I can only take 100 accounts and cannot 100% guarantee I’ll accept every application. My goal is to help those most in need. So, if you’re interested, please fill out this short form and I’ll be in touch shortly.
Together, we can cover the basics and you can focus on running your business.
Stay Healthy.