Who is Nic Pederson?

Nic Pederson is an expert in Paid Media, SEO and Digital Marketing. He’s helped several media startups grow and exit successfully. His clients have included online magazines, ecommerce startups, media companies and small-to-mid-sized local companies, which is who he enjoys working with the most.

nic pederson profile picture drawing 300x300
nic pederson profile picture drawing 300×300

Hey there! I’m Nic Pederson—a Digital Marketing guy. I work with small businesses helping them reach their marketing goals. I’m also the owner/operator of Brooklyn Blackpipe.

Having worked for years in New York, San Francisco and Portland in Paid Media for big publishers while managing the distribution of millions of dollars a month, paid media has a special place in my heart. I regularly consult with agencies—auditing, structuring, launching and managing paid media campaigns.

I also work with small-to-mid-sized businesses to help them grow—building & managing websites that rank, developing sustainable & flexible SEO strategies, managing brands for new product launches, procuring creative talent, creating content strategies and managing paid campaigns.

A little non-media stuff about me: I’m a soccer referee (semi-pro), I have a special lifetime Plex membership because I’m a movie nerd and was like their first customer, I make most of my own furniture, I’m an Oregon MBA, I raced go-karts professionally for nearly 10 years, I like IPA and I have 66′ VW Microbus (mostly restored).

This blog is 100% about sharing. There’s nothing to buy here. Please feel free to comment and add to the conversation. I hope you find it useful.

nic (at) nicpederson.com

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